Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2010 Dr. Sketchy

Dear Sketchy Comrades, the Comic Book Revolution is upon us!

Free Comic Book day is happening this Sat & one of our fantastic sponsors is celebrating with (you guessed it) free comics & a free Dr. Sketchy art extravaganza.

Expect to have a geek-tastic time with the every sassy Harlequin, the whip cracking Catwoman & the king of clowns, the Joker himself.

April 2010 Dr. Sketchy

In honor of Neil Gaiman's visit to New Zealand last month, and all of the other amazing thing's he has provided us with over the years, I have found two models who will assume the guises of the Sandman (Dream) and his sister Death. We will be in the Wine Cellar Dungeon where our sordid activities will go unnoticed by the rest of humanity.

March 2010 Dr. Sketchy

Missy La Cirque, one of Auckland's hoop-tastic divas models in the midst of the Tea Culture Gallery.

Expect tea tastings & striped stockings to round your sketchy evening off. Unfortunately due to camera failure, no photos are available.

January 2010 Dr. Sketchy

Summer. What perfect weather. What gloriously long evenings. As an ode to Summer Dr. Sketchy Auckland has decided to pack up our picnic blankets and bring you our very first outdoor Sketchy event in Auckland's Albert Park. Featuring the acrobatic skills of the beautiful and talented Eve Gordon, the mastermind behind such theatre productions as 'Burlesque As You Like It' and 'The SEXY RECESSION Show'.

As a special treat, we are also host to New York native, Zoe, who will be documenting our little gathering for Dr. Sketchy's HQ & headmistres
s Molly Crabapple.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

December 2009 Dr. Sketchy

Let's all get together before the un-holydays and do what we do best; draw, sketch, shoot and have a few drinks. Who knows, you might churn out something worth wrapping up and giving away.

Christmas in Hell follows a down and out elf as he gets recruited by the evil Mrs Claws! Watch how the scenarios unravel and draw your take on it as the actors hold their pose...