Wednesday, October 14, 2009

September 2009 Dr. Sketchy

Ah yes, that mysterious art form. The seductive undulations that have made men weak at the knees for centuries & made women appear as the goddesses they are! Auckland's own Scarlett Serpentine was a sight to behold, swathed in white clouds of silk & dripping in diamonds. Thanks to Gotham Comics for more prize giving goodies.
Photos by Ken Kunze.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dr. Sketchy? Q & A at Gotham Comics

Dr Sketchy? Ms. Sketchy & Batgirl jump in the batmobile & head on down to Gotham Comics, our wonderful sponsors, to fill the heads of curious sketchers with answers! Dr. Sketchy Auckland's first Q & A on the global art movement.

August 2009 Dr. Sketchy

What a Dr. Sketchy it was! Featuring Mr. James Bond himself & our formerly unnamed Bond girl, who thanks to a competition shall now be known as Lucille Labia. Martinis, guns & suave 007 seduction were the order of the evening. And you certainly weren't disappointed. Were you?

July 2009 Dr. Sketchy

Featuring the return of our Brizvegas showgirl La Viola Vixen. Easing into the evening with a stunning vintage headpiece that inspired the competition 'Miss Vixen as an Inca Goddess' we were right into the swing of things from the get-go. And wasn't it delicious?

June 2009 Dr. Sketchy

After a month's hiatus Dr. Sketchy was back with the wonderful fresh burlesque talent Miss Lilly Loca. A great turnout of old and new sketchers warmed up their art bones from the winter chill with drinks, exploding heaters and Miss Lilly's sizzling performance. Viva la Dona Juanita! Thanks again to Gotham Comics for prize donations. You rock!

April 2009 Dr. Sketchy

Miss Erika, the Mysterious Singing Siren, floored us all with her quick costume changes and glorious voice. Graced with the generous sponsorship of Gotham Comics prizes were in hot demand and sketchers scribbled furiously to win one of the coveted items.

Unfortunately Ms. Sketchy's batteries died a horrible death so no photos for this one.

March 2009 Dr. Sketchy

Miss Arabella and Miss Betty Beau Peep of the Hootchy Kootchy Girls burlesque troupe were ready with red lips and eyelashes a'flutter. With such amazing talent on show from our sketchers drastic measures were utilised to ensure a winner was crowned.