Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dr. Sketchy & Pink Noise sketcher competition

Hey SKETCHERS! As we said last night, PINK NOISE, the art zine is featuring Dr. Sketchy Auckland in its pages in the near future. The wonderful Katie has offered you lucky members the chance to design the cover for Pink Noise, to appear on the cover of the issue featuring the Dr. Sketchy article.

To submit work for the cover of Pink Noise you need only do the following:

- put together a portfolio of your work which must include one sketch done at a Dr. Sketchy session
- submit the portfolio to myself & Brett at either the Sketchy session on the 18th Sept or (if you cannot make that session) email a copy of it to ms.sketchy@gmail.com by the end of September. This can be either as a Flicker (or other such photo storage sites) link or as a file
- from the portfolio submissions we will chose an artist to create the Pink Noise cover

Any questions: Fire Away!

For more information visit the Pink Noise website here.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cassette 9 July Markets 2010 Dr. Sketchy

Bringing you another collaboration with Cassette Number Nine's Saturday Markets Dr. Sketchy Auckland is bringing you a weekend treat.

The ladies of Mad Men are planning to bring you all the sauce, glamour & cupcake dresses you can stand. Remember when smoking was cool? & drinking whilst pregnant? Well Dr. Sketchy Auckland is bringing you back to those heady early 60's days of good old fashioned nostalgia.

The original desperate housewives with low self esteem.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dr. Sketchy DOT COM. Now featuring....

Dr. Sketchy HQ has developed a lovely brand SPANKing new website for all the branches worldwide. Check out our page/profile for upcoming events (if you so chose) & check out other Dr. Sketchys worldwide!

Check us out here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cassette 9 June Markets 2010 Dr. Sketchy

A surprise Sketchy! You lucky little artists... In collaboration with Cassette Number Nine's Saturday Markets Dr. Sketchy Auckland is bringing you a weekend treat.

Love to bargain hunt? Bargain drink? Love to sketch, scribble... dribble? Then this Sat is your type of heaven.

June 2010 Dr. Sketchy

You asked for it. You have waited long enough. We have Tank Girl and Jet Girl ready to pose it up for you lucky little rat-bags.

You like to draw, sketch, scribble? Good.
Bring your equipment and be ready for anything.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2010 Dr. Sketchy

Dear Sketchy Comrades, the Comic Book Revolution is upon us!

Free Comic Book day is happening this Sat & one of our fantastic sponsors is celebrating with (you guessed it) free comics & a free Dr. Sketchy art extravaganza.

Expect to have a geek-tastic time with the every sassy Harlequin, the whip cracking Catwoman & the king of clowns, the Joker himself.

April 2010 Dr. Sketchy

In honor of Neil Gaiman's visit to New Zealand last month, and all of the other amazing thing's he has provided us with over the years, I have found two models who will assume the guises of the Sandman (Dream) and his sister Death. We will be in the Wine Cellar Dungeon where our sordid activities will go unnoticed by the rest of humanity.